lunes, noviembre 28, 2005

I will publish Al-Jazeerah memo here

Esqueleto confirms that MarcelodeCampo blogspot Y si no, no. will publish the Downing Street memo if it comes into our possession.

For more information go to the blairwatch blog here.

What has prompted us to consider this is the news reported this morning that Blair has said the whole affair is a "conspiracy theory": "Look, there's a limit to what I can say - it's all sub judice," he said. "But honestly, I mean, conspiracy theories…"

Noam Chomsky wrote the following to me about conspiracy theory charges in August 2005: "The notion of "conspiracy theory" is pretty much on a par with obscenities in a barroom brawl. When people know that they cannot deal with arguments rationally, they sometimes just have tantrums." (E-mail Monday 29 August 2005)