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El cambio climático.

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British terrorists arrested by Iraqi police then rescued by British tanks and commandos

After accusations from Iranian military officials and Iraq clergy that al-Zarqawi is dead and the chaos in Iraq is being caused by the occupying powers in order to justify their continuing occupation of the country ( "Abou Moussab Al-Zarkaoui est mort. Son nom est utilisé par les occupants pour rester en Irak" ), we find that British "undercover" soldiers, dressed as Arabs on an "official mission" killed an Iraqi policeman and injured another before being arrested in possession of a white car filled with explosives.

You of course remember that the white vehicle is the favourite for use in suicide car bombs in Iraq.

At first the British Government say they were released by negotiation, even after photographic evidence to the contrary, then they say that the 2 soldiers had been handed over to militia elements outside the police station. Now they are trying to create the confusion about whether or not they were held in the police station or by the militia, when the real question that needs answering is: what were these 2 men doing driving a white car packed with explosives?

A theory has now been put forward by an Iraq "expert" in Britain, surprising in that there has been complete silence in the British media as to what the 2 men were doing :

Toby Dodge, an expert on Iraq, based at Queen Mary's College, London, said: "The British presence has been incredibly light. They have a laissez-faire attitude." Two British soldiers were killed by a roadside blast earlier this month and the two undercover men were "probably after those who were responsible for that attack".

This is highly unlikely considering they were driving a white car packed with explosives. Another theory put forward by London-based independent defence analyst Paul Beaver, is that they were on an intelligence gathering mission, again unlikely if they were driving a white car packed with explosives.

There can only be 1 reason they were driving a white car packed with explosives: they were going to plant a car bomb, or even a suicide car bomb. Remember that people have been duped into driving a car which is then detonated by remote control as the LA Times reported in June.

There have also been reports of suicide bombers having had their foot duct-taped to the accelerator and their hands bound to the steering wheel. The New York Times reported on 19 May 2005: "The officer said that in two of the recent Baghdad bombings, investigators had found indications that the men driving the cars had been bound with duct tape before the attacks. He said the foot of one of the attackers, in a marketplace bombing last week that killed 22 people in south Baghdad, had been found taped to his vehicle's accelerator. In another case, the officer said, the attacker's hands were taped to the vehicle's wheel."

Now if the British terrorists were on an official mission, then it follows that it is official British policy to plant car bombs in Iraq, leading us to believe the stories of flase flag operations, the use of Occupation special units such as the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG), a super-Intelligence Support Activity that brings "together CIA and military covert action, information warfare, intelligence and cover and deception", or British SAS forces.

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